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About us


If we really are what we eat, I eat only authentic food!
We are DOC Cilentan and fond of good food and unique taste of typical Cilentan cookery. Authentic Food comes from the desire to promote and spread the natural products, the real ones, like our ancestors used to do, cultivating and preserving them. The authentic food is the child of this territory, the product made naturally without any additives or preservatives since its birth to its growth and production. Our products are the result of an accurate selection of local food which is handmade respecting ancient country traditions. Each ingredient tells something about the territory, a smell, a taste, an emotion. As good Cilentans we are pleased to share with you these feelings.
We select our local and handmade products of Cilento carefully!
We create tasty recipes with our local chef ready in a few minutes!
We pack our products with care and deliver them directly to your home along with precious advices of  our local chef!

The cilentan dispensa

Passion for food

The dispensa

A corner of authentic food
Our "Dispensa" is a container of delicacies, the starting point of our project. Our mission is to give value to the typical Cilento cuisine, respecting the values of the past, made of respect for the seasonality, the land and its fruits. We select local ingredients, creating a network of small producers and food artisans. The products we keep in our pantry are made with genuine raw materials with a unique flavour that bring back to life the authentic flavours of the past.