Cilentan sauce


Cilentan sauce is a classic of our tradition…

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Cilentan sauce is a classic of our tradition made following our grandmothers recipe who used it in the kitchen, in particular with the Cilentan fusilli. This sauce is strictly handmade, using fresh tomatoes selected in Cilento along with the first quality extra virgin olive oil. The handmade tomato sauce with basil is perfect for your pantry and for giving life to unique dishes.
  • Irresistible as topping for our Cilentan fusilli, this sauce is perfect on pizza
  • Tomato sauce is rich in vitamin C and provitamin A, in particular lycopene and carotenoids which are famous for their antioxidant and antitumoral components
  • Fresh & local ingredients: tomato sauce of Cilento, extravirgin olive oil, grlic, ¬†fresh basil and passion for Cilento.

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